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The Wrong Trousers Feathers mcGraw Wallace and Gromit Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs in Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers

We’ve made it to the second film in the classic Wallace and Gromit roster. This great film was first seen on Boxing Day 1993 in the UK and introduced us to the famous criminal, Feathers McGraw. In this post we will be taking a look at the many hidden details and secrets strewn across the 30 min runtime of The Wrong Trousers.

The first nod to the original Grand Day Out film shows up before the titles even appear. We can see the 3 flying rockets on the wall in the same style as you would get the flying ducks, but instead it’s the rocket that got W+G to the moon! We took inspiration from this decor with our rocket’s t-shirt design.

Grand Day Out Rockets Easter Eggs
Wallace and Gromit Grand Day Out Rocket Aardman Women's T-Shirt

The next thing we can spot is the address on the letters to Wallace. We can see the duo live on 62 West Wallaby Street in Wigan. Wigan is just down the road from where Nick Park was born in Preston.

Wallace and Gromit letters Wigan

I pointed out in the last post about a Grand Day Out, the large amount of sheep dotted around. This is no different in the Wrong Trousers. Here are four different appearances of sheep that all potentially allude to the upcoming film A Close Shave. The final newspaper headline could almost have been a retelling of the plot of the next film.

In Wallace and Gromit’s front room we can see a prize marrow in the background. It looks like Gromit was growing large marrows well before the time of the Were Rabbit film. We can also see a newspaper headline about record breaking marrows!

The paper that Gromit reads at breakfast is also a nod towards their adventures in A Grand Day Out. I can’t help feeling that if they had had taken a bit more moon cheese back, they might not have needed a lodger to pay the bills. We also took inspiration from this newspaper for one of our other shirts in our W+G collection.

wallace and gromit newspaper moon cheese
Wallace and Gromit Aardman Grand Day Out Moon Cheese Women's T-Shirt White

The oddest things found in the film are these two postcards pinned to their fireplace. The one on the left looks like it has come from a wildlife park or bird sanctuary, while the one on the right is more recognisable. We can see Mickey Mouse at Disneyland! I’ve had a look online for this exact photo which I can’t find, so if you know where to find this image let me know.

Wallace and Gromit Disney Mickey Mouse Disneyland

We can see in Gromit’s room just before Feathers commandeers it, a few nice little hidden details. You can see a Batman style logo on a kite, as well as a miniature model of their rocket. The books on the shelf also point to the characters in the films; with sheep, penguins, and canines all featured.

Do you recognise this vehicle? I’d say it looks a bit like the Austin A35 van that Wallace and Gromit used for Anti Pesto in the Were Rabbit film.

Austin van Wallace and Gromit

The final two hidden details can be found in the museum at the end of the film. The first thing we spot is a glass cabinet of penguins looking very much like our main antagonist, Feathers McGraw.

Penguins in museum Wallace and Gromit

The final detail is also in a glass cabinet. This cramped looking lion was one of the characters in Nick Park’s other Oscar winning work, Creature Comforts. Ironically the lion is best known for wanting space, and is yet stuck in a small cabinet!

That is the Wrong Trousers ticked off the list. I enjoyed watching it again while also looking for some new details. If you have spotted any other hidden details please let me know! In the meantime why not take a look at our range of official Wallace and Gromit t-shirts?

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  1. Irza, The Supermelon

    Wow, I had no idea there were so many hidden surprises in Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers, it makes me want to watch it again and spot them all!

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