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I hope you enjoy a challenge! We have come up with some fun tasks for you to complete with our products. We have plenty of prizes up for grabs by completing them too.

The way it works is as follows:

1. Get one our products.

2. Complete one of the following tasks with the product.

3. Send proof of you completing the task to (By sending us the image you agree to us using it on our social media and gallery.)

4. We will then verify and send you your prize!

Current Challenges

We have different levels of challenges ranging from easy (bronze) to very hard (platinum). All product images are links to the products that would qualify for the challenge.

Bronze Challenges - To Win a £5 Voucher

Take a picture of yourself wearing any one of the Tuck In shirts while eating the meal represented on the shirt.

Take a picture of yourself wearing or using a product featuring either the Jam First or Cream First scone while eating a cream tea.

Take a picture of yourself wearing any one of the Hallowed Turf shirts while standing outside the corresponding real life football stadium.

Silver Challenges - To Win a Free Mug

Get a photo of yourself wearing the Brick Mondrian shirt beside any of the Mondrian artworks currently in the Tate Galleries.

Wear this Just Pass It design on a t-shirt or hoodie while playing hockey and send us a pic of you wearing it.

Take a snap of one of our A2 pixel art games console prints with all the consoles featured in the photo too.

Gold Challenges - To Win a Free T-Shirt

Wear this shirt and photograph yourself while in a hospitality box at a football stadium. Extra points if you are eating a prawn sandwich in the photo.

Get a snap of yourself next to the real Girl with the Pearl Earring painting located in the Hague while sporting this Mr Bean version on your shirt.

Take a photograph wearing this classic Mini shirt next to a real classic Mini in either red, white, or blue.

Platinum Challenges - To Win a Free Hoodie + T-Shirt + Mug

Get a photo wearing this shirt outside 10 Downing Street. You have to be there legally though. We don’t want you arrested on our behalf.

Get on TV wearing one of our products. You have to be featured on something like a gameshow, reality show, interview, or as an actor. Walking behind a TV camera won’t count for this one, although it would be great to see that too! Send us a screenshot, the show title, channel, and date of the show to win!

Get a snap of yourself wearing this design on a shirt next to the real heads on Easter Island.

Please send all your completed challenges along with proof to By sending us the photos you agree to us using the pics on our social media and gallery. (We don’t have to tag you). We look forward to seeing how you complete these challenges!

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