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Great April Fools Jokes

Great April Fools from Years Past

Happy April Fools day everyone! As our shop has had to shut for the next few weeks due to the virus, we couldn’t really do an April Fools day joke on you this year. But make sure you watch your back next year. Because of this we thought we could have a look at some great April Fools jokes from years past. Some of these are classic pranks and others are ones that we ourselves have been caught out with. We hope you have a good chuckle at some these great pranks.

#1 Des Lynam on Grandstand

Grandstand was an important fixture on British TV for many years, as it ran from 1958 – 2007. It gave a great insight into sports from all over the world. Not only would you see the football and rugby highlights, you could also see golf, horse racing, Formula 1, and even skiing by the end of its long run. The person most would associate with the show would be Des Lynam who was the face of the show from 1983 – 1991. Des would often sit in a studio with a team sat behind him who would receive all the fixtures and results of the sports happening at the time. It was the team behind him that took the spotlight in this April Fool’s joke. On the 1st of April 1989, Des was doing his normal piece to camera, when behind him his research team were milling about getting on with their work. Suddenly, two researchers start pushing and shoving each other until a full on fight breaks out. Des being the great broadcaster that he is, kept going as though nothing was happening. He even went onto say during his spiel that his team behind him were professionals. This was all obviously tongue in cheek when at the end of the show Des and his team revealed the whole fracas had been an April Fool’s joke. The whole joke was well executed and I’m sure caught a lot their viewers out. As it was televised you can still watch the whole prank unfold.

#2 Youtube Ends Its Video Competition

Youtube is the one and only place these days to post your own videos and get a good following of thousands of people. The site has been around since 2005, and its pretty hard to remember quite how we shared videos before it. It boasts millions of daily viewers and thousands of successful channels. It’s become so popular that its even become a viable competitor for normal TV. So imagine everyone’s surprise when on April 1st, 2013 Youtube announced that it would be closing that night and all videos would be deleted. In a video to its users, Youtube told everyone that the original competition to find the site’s greatest video was now over.

They played with the idea that the whole site had been set up as a multinational competition to find the world’s best video. They had supposedly hired film critics, Youtube stars, and Youtube commenters to watch every video on the site and pick a winner. This would obviously take years, so the final date the winner would be released would be in 2023. The winner would then receive a clip on MP3 player and $500 dollars towards a new creative venture. The promotional video featured some classic Youtube stars including the two lads from Charlie Bit My Finger and the guy who did Evolution of Dance. This all added to the trick and convinced many people that the whole thing was legit and Youtube was going to be closed that night for judging. In the end there was little harm done, and got people talking about which video should have won the contest had it been real. Which video d you think should have won the prize?

#3 Om Nom Nom Comic

I am a huge fan of British comics and have a rather large collection of them. Comics like the Beano, Dandy, and Whizzer and Chips are among my favourites. As a fan, I like to keep up to date with all thats happening in the comic world. One blog I used to follow was written by comic artist Lew Stringer. He’s been in the game for a long time and there aren’t many comics he hasn’t be involved in. He’s a reliable source for all comic news as well as looking back at the classics. Well I thought he was reliable. This was until April 1st, 2012, when Lew posted about a new exciting comic called Om Nom Nom. This comic was to be printed on rice paper and sold in newsagents as an edible comic. It would feature one main story starring Eddie Bull and Noisy Rooster.

I was 15 at the time and probably should have known better, but I saw this comic and thought it was a great idea! When me and my mates went out that week around Exmouth, I took it upon my self to find myself a copy. I remember going into a news agents and walking up to the counter I then proceeded to ask for the Om Nom Nom comic. I must have sounded like a complete idiot. After explaining what the comic was, the cashier told me they hadn’t heard of it, but it might have been coming to their shop soon. The day after, Lew revealed the whole thing had been a prank. In the comments it seemed like most knew anyway, but poor old me had been going around asking for it. Lew even revealed the story with Eddie Bull and Noisy Rooster, was nothing but a cock and bull story. Every April Fools I remember this prank and crack up at the thought of me going into newsagents asking for Om Nom Nom…

You can see the original post over on Lew’s blog here:

Lew’s Om Nom Nom Comic Mock-Up

#4 Donkey Exhibition

The London of 1864 would be unrecognisable to the London of today. One thing that hasn’t changed though, is the love of newspapers writing false stories on April Fool’s Day. Over the years the Sun, Express, and Telegraph have all printed false stories on April 1st, but probably one of the first bits of fake news recorded comes from the Evening Star based in Islington. On the 31st of March 1864 the paper published a story telling its readers there was to be grand exhibition of donkeys the day after at the Agricultural Hall. Who wouldn’t want to see a grand exhibition of donkeys? Well, it seemed a lot did, hence there was a large crowd at the hall the next morning. Unfortunately for them, no donkeys turned up. It turned out the donkeys were those who turned up.

DonkeySanctuary EIRE on Twitter: "Meet The Waltons! This group of ...
Probably what the punters were looking forward to seeing…

#5 Big Ben Goes Digital

The BBC have pulled some great pranks over the years. Because they are such a trusted source they can seem to get away with more than most other outlets. Their spaghetti plantation prank on Panorama is just one great stitch up from their back catalogue. Another funny one they pulled in 1980 involved one of Britain’s greatest landmarks, Big Ben. On the 1st April, 1980 the BBC world service reported that the famous clock was going digital. As you imagine people were outraged. At a time when modern technology was taking over so many people’s lives, few saw the funny side of the hoax. It is said that the radio station even ran a competition to win the hands of the clock. It was a great brainwave to include such an iconic landmark to create an iconic prank.

Big Ben Goes Digital April 1, 1980: The... - Unexplained Mysteries ...
A newspaper snippet describing the response to the prank.

With all that’s happening all over the world at the time of writing, it seems that April Fools has largely been cancelled. We probably won’t be seeing fake stories and funny creations online, but I hope this doesn’t stop people having a good joke at home. We hope you enjoy April Fool’s Day and watch your back so you don’t become someone’s next target.

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